DSULPH Reactor

Econvert-Dsulph® is a biological biogas desulphurization unit to remove H2S from biogas. It is suitable to treat biogas originating from for example anaerobic wastewater treatment or from digestion processes. It consists of a biogas scrubber with a bio reactor to regenerate caustic and produce elementary sulphur. It is the best suitable option to treat high concentrations of H2S in biogas.


In the scrubber the H2S is absorbed in the fluid. In the bioreactor, the S-containing fluid is being transformed into elementary sulphur (as solids) and NaOH in the fluid. This means that the process partly regenerates itself. The sulphur can be retrieved from the process with 3 – 5% dry matter content. Low risk on clogging due to the fact that sulphur precipitation takes place in the bioreactor and not in the scrubber. No oxygen or nitrogen is added, therefore the gas quality remains constant. Low operational costs because of minimal caustic soda use and fully automated operation. H2S removal rates of over 99%.