EGSB Reactor

Econvert-EGSB® (Expanded Granular Sludge Bed) is designed for the anaerobic wastewater treatment of industrial wastewater with moderate loading rates. Because of the unique settling system this type of effluent treatment plant is able to handle a large variation and different concentrations of wastewater.


Econvert-EGSB® receives its influent at the right concentrations by mixing the influent with circulated effluent. Depending on the circumstances the up-flow speed can be adjusted. The influent nozzles/lines can be controlled individually and are free of congestions. To avoid odour nuisance, the reactor and its recirculation pipe are fully gastight. The produced biogas is collected in the headspace of the reactor and connected to the gas system. The 3-phase modular settling system is specially designed for higher water flows. In this part of the reactor the separation of sludge, water and biogas is realised.