IR Reactor

Econvert-IR® (Internal Recirculation) is designed for the anaerobic wastewater treatment of industrial wastewater. Because of the unique settling system this type of effluent treatment plant is able to handle a large variation and different concentrations of wastewater.


Due to an internal and external recirculation the up-flow speed can be adjusted depending on the circumstances. The influent of the reactor is fed into a special designed dilution/mixing chamber to avoid overloading of the anaerobic pallets. Econvert-IR® is fully gastight. The produced biogas is collected in the upper settler of the reactor and connected to the gas system. A double settler system is introduced to create an internal recirculation flow for high loading rates. The section between the upper and lower settler is used for polishing the influent to the requested effluent values. The upper settler is designed for the separation of sludge/biogas and the treated waste water. Sludge, biogas and effluent are separated in the upper settler, which has an optimal design for sludge retention.