UASB Reactor

Econvert-UASB® (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) is designed for the anaerobic wastewater treatment of industrial wastewater. Because of the robust configuration this type of effluent treatment plant is able to handle a large variation and different concentrations of wastewater. This type of anaerobic wastewater treatment plant has been build for over 40 years, all over the world.


A balanced influent system feeds the wastewater into the bottom of the reactor where it is mixed intensively with the anaerobic biomass. The influent system is simple and each distribution line can be controlled separately. The 3-phase modular settler system allows an effective separation of effluent, biomass and biogas. The biogas is collected in the headspace of the reactor and from there transported to a gas engine, boiler or flare. The top part of the reactor is made of UV stabilized PPC material. Odour nuisance can be controlled by means of a ventilation system that is connected to, for example, a biofilter.