Biogas treatment

Dsulph Reactor

Econvert-Dsulph® - The perfect blend of biology and chemistry. Biogas typically contains H2S, a component harmful to you and your equipment. This desulphurization unit combines the chemical absorption of H2S in the scrubber with the biological recovery of elemental sulphur in the bioreactor.


H2S removal rates of over 99% can be achieved Low operational costs due to regeneration of alkalinity in the bioreactor Production of high grade elemental sulphur No oxygen or nitrogen is added, therefore the biogas quality is maintained Low risk on clogging in scrubber, as no biological activity takes place there

Other biogas treatment products

Biogas buffers for stabilizing pressure and/or storing biogas
Emergency flares and high temperature flares for safe excess gas treatment
Increasing pressure by means of side channel or roots blowers
Biogas cooling/drying for lowering the dew point

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