Anaerobic Rental

Pilot Reactor

Econvert's anaerobic wastewater pilot plant is specially designed to test whether an anaerobic effluent treatment plant is suitable to treat wastewater coming from production process(es). This part of the raw wastewater contains organic compounds that can be tested on its biodegradability.


The wastewater can be fed (if it is free from dissolved components) to the pilot plant directly. The influent's pH will be corrected in the buffer tank of the pilot plant directly. The 80l reactor is made out of double wall transparent Plexiglas and contains an effluent–biomass-gas separator. The pilot plant is constructed with an external circulation pipe to maintain upflow velocity. A gas flow meter measures the gas flow very precisely. Nutrients are dosed automatically. The pilot plant is controlled by a touch screen control panel. The GSM module is able to send messages to the operator in case of a failure. The pilot plant can be delivered in a 10ft container with a heater and ventilation inside. The reactor and its buffer tank are kept on the right temperature by a heating bassin.