Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

The wastewater of factories in the Food & Beverage sector more and more becomes a decisive factor in the operational expenditures. Rules and regulations are continuously upgraded and force companies to discharge less.

We believe that companies should be in charge of their own discharge and the costs they make. And we believe that wastewater should not be called wastewater, but a valuable source of renewable energy.

That's why we can offer great contributions to the Food & Beverage sector. Our anaerobic wastewater treatment plants aim on valorising your effluent and lowering your operational costs.

No plant in this sector is the same. Whether you are the producer of sauces or you run a brewery, the composition of the effluent varies drastically. The one has large amounts of proteins, where another mainly consists of starch or lipids. This requires tailor made solutions.
By means of long term experience and in-depth knowledge, we are able to provide the right solutions. Industries that can benefit from our solutions are:

Breweries; Distilleries; Suger; Dairy; Candy; Food products; Starch/potatoes.